In the newest installment of Creature Labs, Creature World is co-creating an art collection with our community, allowing creature holders to customize the collection through a collaborative art experience called The Traveling Creature

How to participate

Participation requires two steps:

  1. Receive a Traveling Creature from a friend
  2. Send that Traveling Creature to a friend

When you send a Traveling Creature, a Traveling Creature Memory will be minted to your wallet. This Memory depicts the moment the Traveling Creature was passed from your creature to your friend's creature


  • There are five Traveling Creatures moving around the world simultaneously
  • Each of the original 10,000 creatures can receive and send a Traveling Creature exactly one time
  • When your creature receives a Traveling Creature, you have 2 hours to send it to another creature. If you don't send it within 2 hours, the Traveling Creature will be “yoinked” from your wallet and sent to a random creature on the waitlist
  • If a Traveling Creature is yoinked from you, you do not receive a Traveling Creature Memory
  • At the conclusion of the Traveling Creature experience, those who participated in the longest continuous chain of Traveling Creature Memories with no "yoinks" will be in for a surprise


All actions related to the Traveling Creature experience will be carried out on

Main Dashboard

On the main dashboard, you can:

  • See when your creature has received a Traveling Creature
  • Choose a creature ID to send the Traveling Creature to
  • Watch the five Traveling Creatures move from creature to creature in real time
  • View the historical path of each Traveling Creature


Haven't found someone to send you a Traveling Creature? Add your creature(s) to the waitlist!

On the waitlist tab, you can:

  • Add your creature(s) to the waitlist
  • Select a timezone - the waitlist will ensure that you don't receive a Traveling Creature between 12am and 8am in that timezone
  • Provide your discord username and/or twitter handle to be notified when you've received a Traveling Creature

The waitlist is not a line - creatures are randomly selected from the waitlist when a Traveling Creature is yoinked


Scroll through the newly minted Traveling Creature Memories as they're created in real time

Can my creature receive a Traveling Creature more than once?

No, each creature can receive the Traveling Creature once and mint one Traveling Creature Memory

Can I participate multiple times if I have multiple creatures?

Yes! Each of your creatures will be able to receive a Traveling Creature once. Each time you send that Traveling Creature away, you'll be minting another Traveling Creature Memory

Can I send a Traveling Creature to myself?

Yes. If you own multiple creatures, you can send a Traveling Creature to another creature that you own - as long as it has not received a Traveling Creature yet

Do I need to split up my creatures into different wallets?

No! This experience is based on creature IDs, not wallet addresses. Don't worry about splitting them up

Can I participate in the experience on mobile?

Yes! The website is compatible with mobile devices

What is a Traveling Creature Memory?

A Traveling Creature Memory is the NFT that is minted to your wallet when you send the Traveling Creature token using The Memory is an artwork depicting your creature on the left and the creature you sent the Traveling Creature token to on the right

When do I receive my Traveling Creature Memory?

Shortly after you send the Traveling Creature, a Traveling Creature Memory will be minted directly to your wallet.

What if I receive a Traveling Creature while I'm asleep or while I'm working? Do I lose the ability to participate if I don't send it within two hours?

Yes, if you receive a Traveling Creature and don't send it within two hours of receiving it, it will be yoinked from your wallet and you won't mint a Traveling Creature Memory. We encourage you to coordinate with friends and community members to avoid being yoinked! In this experience, it pays to coordinate

What do you mean by “the longest continuous chain of Traveling Creature Memories with no yoinks?”

When the Traveling Creature is sent for the first time, the continuous chain begins. When someone doesn't send that Traveling Creature within two hours of receiving it, the Traveling Creature is "yoinked" from them and the continuous chain is broken, restarting on the next send. The creature holders included in the longest continuous chain (one for each Traveling Creature) will be in for a surprise

Can I send a Traveling Creature to anyone I want?

Yes, you can send a Traveling Creature to any of the 10,000 creatures that haven't already received one. But remember - if you send to someone who isn't ready, you'll be breaking your chain of continuous sends and decreasing your chances of receiving something special

Will I mint a Traveling Creature Memory if I transfer the Traveling Creature via opensea or etherscan?

No, transferring the Traveling Creature through any means other than will not call The Traveling Creature Memory mint function

When does the Traveling Creature experience end?

TBD - there is no current established end date to the experience